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   Welcome to McCain-Fain Books. I started the company when a major Book Company turned down an opportunity to publish my novel. I write Classic Love Stories filled with intriguing characters. The heroines are powerful women who struggle with the challenges of everyday life. I wanted to give the readers a different way of looking at Romance Novels. I get inspired when I read a Jane Austen book and I want readers to get inspired when they read a Brenda M. Fain novel. I created a style that fits my personality. I love words, so check out the letters of each character’s initials and notice how they spell a word and fit the personality of the main characters. Also, play along. I will give hints in each novel for the plot of my next book. I will give away the first three books and autograph them to any fan who can describe the story line for Bertha Mulroney. Remember only three people will get a free copy of the novel, so let your brain work overtime to get the correct answer. Note to family and friends: Don’t even think about it! Please read the synopsis for 2265 Pine Lane. If you want to leave a message go to my guestbook, or you may contact me. Thanks for visiting my site and I look forward to writing more beautiful love stories in the future. Now go and buy the book.