About the Author, Brenda M. Fain


Brenda M. Fain

was born in Ore City, Texas, in 1963. Accepted to Jarvis Christian College in 1983, Fain chose to pursue a degree in the medical field. She majored Biology/Chemistry and thought she wanted to become a doctor. In 1985 Fain left Jarvis and decided to become a nurse. She returned to school in 1987, after giving birth to a son in 1986, and received a certification in nursing from El Centro College. Fain took the state board in 1988 and passed. She earned a license to practice as a vocational nurse in the state of Texas. In 1991 a neck injury with surgery took Fain out of the medical field permanently. While on break from an anterior/posterior cervical fusion, Fain took a trip to Georgia and fell in love with the southern state. She applied to Georgia State University and received an acceptance to attend the college in 1992. At the school, Fain went in a different direction and majored in Film/Video. She graduated in 1994. In 1999, Fain injured the lumbar area of her back and had to have surgery in 2000 to repair a herniated disk. The injury left her homebound for several years, so she started writing books. She finished her first novel 2265 Pine Lane in late 2009 and went the traditional route to get it published. When Fain did not get an offer to publish the novel from a well-known Book Company, she decided to publish it under her imprint McCain-Fain Books. She started the company in 2012 and runs the business. Fain plans to write, publish, and sell her novels on line, and eventually in major stores. She plans to offer an e-book, but wants to sell the hardcover first. You can reach the author on her contact page.