2265 Pine Lane Synopsis

As the incessant rain hammered the roof of the Victorian inspired white home, Patric Oliver Pine Sullivan stood by the windows in the sitting area of her bedroom and looked out at the front yard. She had her arms folded across an old rumpled maroon Texas A&M University alumni sweatshirt and leaned against the wood trim. The farmer despised the rain. Harvest upon her, Patric needed to transport the cotton to the mills and when the wet weather hit in the months of October and September she could not deliver the crop to the buyers on time. Patric cringed when she observed the flood saturate the earth. She saw the weight of water tear the fescue from the roots, watched the grass float away in a gully washed out by the torrent, and disappeared out of her sight. She envisioned a lot of work to repair the holes in the lawn after harvest and wondered when she could fit the project into her busy schedule. She felt depressed and let out a huge sigh.